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Virginia Green Travel Alliance



To support and expand the marketing and outreach efforts of the Virginia Green program, the state’s voluntary program created to encourage green practices in the state’s tourism industry.​ More than 1600 tourism businesses and organizations have self-certified their environmental commitments with the Virginia Green program, making it the #1 state-based green tourism program in the country.

The program is supported by:
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (Virginia Green program website)
Virginia Tourism Corporation (Virginia Green Travel Planner & Marketing website)
Virginia Restaurant, Lodging & Travel Association  (Virginia Green Suppliers Network website)

Our NEXT LEVEL Projects

The Greening of Festivals & Events.  Branding Virginia Green and demonstrating that Virginia communities care deeply about the environment throughout grassroots assistance, recruitment and volunteer oversight.    

Support & Promotion of Innovative Practices & Projects.  Challenging Virginia Green partners to embrace projects that will save money and “knock-the-sox” off of green-minded consumers!   

Virginia Green Travel Regional Chapters Program.  Branding Virginia Green Travel partners LOCALLY to make them relevant within their communities.  

Virginia Green Travel Leadership Training & Services.  Equipping facility-level staff with the tools to implement, maintain and improve a successful green program. 

Consumer Education & Engagement.  Driving increased consumer awareness and increased green tourism business!  
 The Measurable Results of Green Tourism.  Demonstrating the real environmental benefits, costs savings, and increased tourism business created by the Virginia Green Travel program and its partners.