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Virginia Green Travel Alliance


Branding Virginia Green to the public and demonstrating that Virginia communities care deeply about the environment.
  • ​50+ Festivals & Events.  We have successfully staffed and led green team volunteers for a wide variety of festivals and sporting events, proving that recycling, waste reduction, and composting of food wastes can be “done right”.

  • The Greening of the UCI Road World Championships.  VGTA partnered with the City of Richmond to attempt to make this event the greenest event in Virginia history.  More than 76% (or 80,000 lbs) of all materials was successfully diverted from landfill during this 9-day event attended by more than 640,000 people.

  • The RVA Green Team Volunteer Network was created in partnership with the City of Richmond and HandsOn Greater Richmond to recruit, train, and deploy volunteers for events in the Richmond Region. More than 200 volunteers have signed up for the Green Team Volunteer Network and are ready to help make events in the Richmond Region more sustainable!
  • Expansion Statewide.  VGTA would like to expand consultation & grassroots services to other major festivals throughout Virginia.

The Greening of Festivals & Events