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Virginia Green Travel Alliance!

All donations are tax deductible and supporters will be recognized for their donations.  


Virginia Green Travel Partners:

Supporting Green Tourism & Travel in Virginiaa 501c3 nonprofit

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P.O. Box 25508, Richmond, VA 23260, USA             +1.804.986.9119          VirginiaGreen@Virginia.org

Virginia Green Travel Alliance


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The Virginia Green Travel Alliance is rolling up its sleeves and working hard to encourage and promote Green Tourism statewide. 

Please consider Supporting Green Tourism in Virginia by becoming a VGTA Program Sponsor or Individual Donor.
All donors and Program Sponsors will be recognized on the VGTA website and in conjunction with our grassroots projects. Donors and sponsors will also be recognized in our e-newsletter and at all VGTA-sponsored events including the annual conference, oyster roast, and regional workshops and expos. 

And as a 501c3 nonprofit, all individual donations are tax-deductible!

Please consider giving at one of the levels:

   Founding Green Travel Sponsor: $1000

  Travel Green Partner Sponsor:  $500

​​​   Individual Travel Green Donors:  $100

​​​   Travel Green Engaged Consumer:  $25 

​     Pledge to Travel Green by Choosing Virginia Green partners and providing feedback

​     Give referrals on green restaurants and other Virginia Green partners

     Receive Virginia Green Travel certificate and 1 Travel Green decal


Thank you very much for supporting the Virginia Green Travel Alliance. 

If interested in making a donation in another amount please contact us at  VirginiaGreen@Virginia.org.

Please Support Green Tourism In Virginia