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Virginia Green Travel Alliance


The Virginia Green Travel Alliance is now engaged in various partnerships which help to promote and brand Virginia Green to consumers.  In addition, these partnerships all provide opportunity for sponsorships and joint contributions to the VGTA in support of our special projects and program efforts.  Each of the projects below represents opportunities for Virginia Green partners, staff, and consumers to indirectly support Virginia Green while also helping the environment.

Support & Promotion of Innovative Practices & Projects

Virginia Green Suppliers Network. 

​The Virginia Green Suppliers Network (VGSN) was created to serve as the green source for Virginia Green participants that are searching for green products and services. Virginia Green participating facilities are encouraged to shop the VGSN directory when looking for new products or services.

Suppliers that join Virginia Green Suppliers Network realize that Virginia’s tourism industry is closely linked to our beautiful natural resources. We all receive many benefits from protecting our environment, but here are some benefits that come directly from becoming a Virginia Green Suppliers Network: 

  • Listing on the Virginia Green Suppliers Network webpage
  • Opportunity to participate in Virginia Green workshops, conferences, and other events
  • ​Direct sales access to 1,500+ Virginia Green Travel partners
  • ​​Use of the Virginia Green Suppliers Network logo to show your company's commitment to the environment
  • ​Opportunity to offer and promote Deals & Discounts to Virginia Green Travel partners

​​Keep My Planet Green& Renewable Energy Credits (REC's).

This new program allows Virginia Green partners to engage green-minded consumers and painlessly offset the environmental impacts of their room-stay through the support of wind-power and other renewable energy projects. Keep My Planet Green is an EPA-approved source and their program encourages consumers to donate 50 cents per room night directly towards this effort.  Click here for more information on Keep My Planet Green partnership with Virginia Green!

Travel Virginia Experience - Virginia Green Media Partner & Sponsor. 

This new partnership encourages consumers to support Virginia Green and other good causes in conjunction with its promotion of tourism and awesome travel experiences in Virginia.  It is linked with the Travel Virginia Channel, an interactive blog-based media service that will be featuring Virginia Green and its partners extensively for this initial campaign which will last until April 2015. Donations are raised in conjunction with the donation of green tourism packages such as 2-night getaways or restaurant certificates that are then auctioned off / purchased by green-minded consumers.  Virginia Green Travel Alliance receives a significant donation for all items donated.  Click here to see the format and learn more.

Music Branding with Team Green World. 

Team Green World creates Virginia Green branded messaging that is perfect for use on your facility's website or for automated telephone functions.  Click here to find out more!   


Amazon Smile. 

Virginia Green has qualified as one of the designated Amazon Smile non-profit organizations. If you or your facility or any of your friends and family makes purchases through Amazon, all you have to do is register for Amazon Smile.  VGTA will then be their designated charity and we will receive a donation of 0.5% from every purchase that anyone makes. If you are an Amazon user, please help us in this very simple way!  Click here to sign up!