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Virginia Green Travel Partners:

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Virginia Green Travel Alliance




Sponsorship Opportunities & Benefits

PEARL LEVEL Program Sponsor   $2000
16 Sponsor Tickets w/beverage tickets (32)
Exhibit Space / Table
Name / logo on all event materials, poster, banner and correspondence
Recognition throughout the event
Long-lasting recognition as a Program Sponsor of the Virginia Green Travel Alliance on the VGTA website and in newsletters.

BLUE HERONLEVEL Program Supporter   $1000
8 Sponsor Tickets w/beverage tickets (16)
Exhibit space / table
Name & Logo on event brochure and banner & recognition during the event
Long-lasting recognition as a Travel Green Supporter on the VGTA website.

BI-VALVE LEVEL Program Partner   $500
4 Sponsor Tickets w/beverage tickets (8)
Name & Logo on event brochure and banner
Recognition as a Travel Green Partner on the VGTA website. 


This year, we are allowing for a special $250 Sponsorship Level that includes recognition and 2 Sponsor Tickets and Beverages (4)  (To use, sign up for $500 level and use promo code of "PARTNER")

To discuss Sponsorship Opportunities, please contact the VGTA’s Tom Griffin at 804.986.9119 or VirginiaGreen@Virginia.org.ype your paragraph here.