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Virginia Green Travel Alliance


Our NEXT LEVEL Projects
The Virginia Green Travel Alliance engages in grassroots projects that will help to boost the culture of green tourism in Virginia.  These are our current project areas: 

The Greening of Festivals & Events.  Branding Virginia Green  and demonstrating that Virginia communities care deeply about the environment throughout grassroots assistance, recruitment and volunteer oversight.    

  •     50+ Festivals & Events
  •     The Greening of the UCI Road World Championships 
  •     The RVA Green Team Volunteer Network 

Support & Promotion of Innovative Practices & Projects.  Challenging Virginia Green partners to embrace projects that will save money and “knock-the-sox” off of green-minded consumers!   
                     Composting Food Waste                       Virginia Oyster Shell Recycling Program
                     Electric Vehicle Charging Stations         Energy Efficiency Maintenance Services       
                     Cooperative Solar Projects                     Innovative Green Products
                                                Virginia Green Suppliers Network

Virginia Green Travel Regional Chapters Program.  Branding Virginia Green Travel partners LOCALLY to make them relevant within their communities.  

  •     Goal setting & planning assistance for committed regional tourism partners.
  •     Educational Workshops involving green partners, vendors, and environmental groups.

Virginia Green Travel Leadership Training & Services.  Equipping facility-level staff with the tools to implement, maintain and improve a successful green program. 

  •     Green Team Leadership Training 
  •     Verification & Auditing Services 

Consumer Education & Engagement.  Driving increased consumer awareness and increased green tourism business!  

  •     Engaging children and their families about opportunities to Travel Green by supporting Virginia Green partners, feedback, and referrals.
  •     Festivals, social media outreach 
  •     Corporate / staff-level engagement and partnerships

The Measurable Results of Green Tourism.  Demonstrating the real environmental benefits, costs savings, and increased tourism business created by the Virginia Green Travel program and its partners.

  •     The Annual State-of-Virginia Green Report (2013-2015) based on industry standards/estimates.
  •     Create a reporting process that would be required to maintain certification.

Next Level Projects & Partnerships