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Virginia Green Travel Partners:

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Virginia Green Travel Alliance


Leadership Training & Services

Virginia Green Travel Certificate Training Programs
​Developing facility & staff level training opportunities that will strengthen
partner efforts.
- Facility partners benefit from having trained, knowledgeable staff.
- Valuable credentials for employees who want to work for Virginia Green-certified partners.
- All classes include a test and a completion certificate that must be signed by the student.
- Certificates document contact hours and make Virginia Green commitments a part of the
staff person's job description.
Initial Certificate Offerings:
Virginia Green All-Staff Certificate. A full orientation to what it means to work in a Virginia Green-certified facility. Core commitments, expectations, recycling systems, tracking of environmental progress, green meetings, and cost savings. Designed for all new-hire orientations. Length: 30-60 minutes
Virginia Green Meeting Professionals Accreditation. In depth instruction on how to be ready for an get more green meetings business. Class will include instruction on how to design a green meetings sales package and how to address green requirements in RFP's. Length 90-120 minutes
Additional Offerings coming soon:
Virginia Green Food & Beverage Certificate
Green Team Program Leadership Certifcate

Virginia Green Webinars & Green Tools Learning Series
Virginia co-sponsored educational programs available to all Virginia Green partners.

Featuring webinars on recycling, solar, composting, energy & water efficiency, renewable energy credits, electric vehicle fueling stations, innovative green products, and more....

Presentations Available: