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Virginia Green encourages its certified partners to take strides to reduce both energy use and the environmental impacts associated with power generation.  And while some have actually installed solar panels or small wind turbines, most of our partners do not have the space or funding to make this happen.  A few VG partners are participating in green energy programs where they pay a premium on their energy bills to support the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (REC's). 

Now there is a no-cost way to support renewable energy sources while attracting and engaging green-minded consumers! 

Keep My Planet Green offers a new opportunity to engage customers in a joint effort to support renewable energy use and to offset the actual environmental impacts of their travel....and it is offered with no cost to Virginia Green partners!  For as little as 50 cents/room-night, guests can choose to offset the electrical energy they use in their hotel room with pure wind power generated by US wind farms. Keep My Planet Green purchases REC's in partnership with the company Sterling Planet, a recognized EPA Green Power partner.

Partnership Goal:  Virginia Green participants adopt their own windmill! 

Keep My Planet Green (KMPG) is a registered Virginia Green Supporting Organization and it has partnered with the Virginia Green Travel Alliance as one its joint marketing partners.  Each Virginia Green participant in the REC program will also be given a promotional webpage on KMPG's "Certified Green Travel Destination" program page that is marketed directly to green travelers.  Virginia Green's program goal is to reduce 3700 tons of carbon by offsetting 5.4 million kilowatts of energy -- the exact equivalent of power generated by 1 windmill!

Resources & Tools for partnering with KMPG:

Partnership with Keep My Planet Green