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Providing for expanded services focused upon effective green program ​management and additional tiers of certification and recognition.​    

Verification & Auditing Services​
:  Meeting RFP’s for certain federal and corporate organizations are now including a requirement for green program auditing.  Virginia Green’s self-certification process does not include an auditing requirement.

Solution: Certified Auditing Services from the VGTA.  VGTA provides for both on-site and “desk-based” auditing at reasonable prices.  VGTA audits are based only upon the Virginia Green program commitments made by the individual facility.  However, audits can be tailored to meet other certification requirements (such a the TripAdvisor Green Leaders program).  

Green Team Program Assistance
 You want to have an effective green program, but it is often a struggle to maintain a green team and to keep staff focused on green commitments.  You certainly can’t afford to hire a full-time sustainability manager, and you don’t want to overburden other staff.

Solution:  Part-Time Green Team Manager through the VGTA.  With minimal time and costs, VGTA can help assure that your green program commitments stay on track.  You will provide consulting assistance thatcan dramatically improve your green program efforts.  Assistance services can be as minimal as phoning in for quarterly green team meetings.  

Additional Assistance Services
VGTA can provide assistance services for various issues.  For example:
- TripAdvisor Green Leaders program applications​
- Virginia Green Travel Star Award applications and other award opportunities
- Virginia Green Annual Environmental Tracking form submittals
- Green meetings and conference coordination and assistance

​​Pricing is tailored for specific partner needs.  
Please contact us to discuss (VirginiaGreen@Virginia.org)

Green Travel Leadership Certification