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Virginia Green Travel Partners:

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Virginia Green Travel Alliance


Regional tourism partners are critical to the success and continued growth of the Virginia Green program.  We want to be able to help promote your region as a Virginia Green Travel Destination that offers an array of green travel choices for visitors.  Our overall goal is to drive green-minded visitors to your region!

In order to make Virginia Green truly meaningful to consumers, it needs to be relevant regionally and locally.  That is why we are creating the Virginia Green Travel  Chapters Program!   

​What is the Virginia Green Travel  Chapters Program?

  • A structured approach to increasing the number of certified Virginia Green Travel partners and driving more green tourism business in your region.
  •     Chapters will get:
    • Annual update from VaGreen on how many Virginia Green partners you have.
    • Assistance in setting annual goals for increasing the # of VAGreen partners through:
      • Referrals to Virginia Green on likely candidates
      • E-news update(s)
      • A workshop co-hosted by Virginia Green at a Virginia Green facility involving local green businesses, suppliers, and on-site assistance and networking.
  • Your region gets all the credit for having its own regional / local-based green tourism program, while Virginia Green runs the program on your behalf.
    • Virginia Green promotes your region’s progress in its newsletters, social media, and it will announce each new Virginia Green regional partner.
    • Your organization can create its own branded landing page that promotes “Green Tourism in   (Your Region)” and simply lists Virginia Green partners in your region for consumers.
  • Engages other green-focused programs and organizations within your community.  Essentially, your green tourism chapter will complement other community-wide sustainability efforts.  
  • Green festivals and events should logically be encouraged to be Virginia Green-certified in support of your chapter’s efforts.  Virginia Green will promote each and send event banners for each event.  

What Does It Cost to be a Virginia Green Travel Chapter?​​

  • ZERO!  Signing on costs nothing.  Moving forward, we will need to pursue grant or sponsorship funding to support the efforts of the VGTA especially related to workshops and travel.  ​

​​Please Sign Up Today!  Simply contact us and let us know that you would like to join the Virginia Green Travel Chapter Program.  Our “Charter Chapters” were announced at the 3rd Annual Virginia Green Travel Conference & Awards that were held on February 23-24, 2016 at the Renaissance Arlington Capitol View Hotel.

* The VG Regional Chapters Program is administered by the Virginia Green Travel Alliance, a 501c3 non-profit created to promote Virginia Green partners and help expand green tourism efforts in Virginia. www.VirginiaGreenTravelAlliance.org

​To sign up or for any questions, please email VGTA’s Tom Griffin at VirginiaGreen@Virginia.org.